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The AlphaTutors Network is for academics, professionals and business people seeking the best jobs and opportunities. AlphaTutors Network members can talk to family, friends and colleagues online via FREE video conferencing, voice calls and instant messaging with NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE REQUIRED. Start communicating in seconds. This facility includes FREE shared document editing.

Connect for FREE with fellow academics, professionals and business asscoiates to edit documents together, video conference and hold web meetings. Since web conferencing replaces in-person meetings, not only does it reduce travel costs by the company or business, it also keeps employees near their families and colleagues. Less travel means less damage to the environment, more family time and more productive staff. Saving time can also be equivalent to saving money. Travel delays not only waste time but costs money. All the time and effort put into organizing the meeting can be allotted to other organizational and company tasks. This time can be used to focus on problem solving in a convenient and familar setting. Web conferencing also adds to the workers' flexibility. Meetings can be held on short notice even if participants are in distant locations.
More and more companies are using web conferencing these days. Web based seminars or web conferencing is a more convenient way for conducting seminars and meetings for participants who are geographically separated from each other. Web conferencing allows participants to participate or conduct presentations, share applications, chat and send out instant messages about the seminar or presentation.
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