28th January
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AlphaTutors works with schools in the following ways:

Provide one-to-one (or small group) tuition for students needing extra support at school, including dyslexia, dyspraxia and other special needs, including gifted students.

Provide short or long-term tutors or supply teachers to cover maternity leaves or other staff absence or shortage. We can provide tutors from one to thirty-five hours per week in all academic subjects as well as peripatetic teachers.

Benefits to Schools

Students of all abilities benefit from one-to-one tuition that cannot always be provided by existing school staff on a regular basis. Head teachers find that the provision of one-to-one tuition helps a "difficult" child better integrate into a classroom situation. This benefits not only the tutored child but the achievement of the entire class which is no longer "slowed down" by the child with difficulties. Even when the head does not have the budget for tutors, they often refer parents asking for extra help to AlphaTutors. In fact, a large number of AlphaTutors private clients come from school recommendations where the parent has asked for extra help. This can improve the performance of the school as a whole.

AlphaTutors Academy Feedback
  • Just wanted to say thanks again for your amazing tutor.
    - Year 9 Student, Oxford

  • This tutor was very thorough. Thank you Alpha Tutors!!!
    - Year 7 Student, Essex

  • Your classics tutor was very helpful
    - A level Student, London

  • I could not of got through GCSE Business Studies without you
    - GCSE Student, Swindon

  • it uses all today's technology!!!
    -University Student, Cambridge

  • The tutors are great and lots of fun to work with :D
    -College Student, Bradford, UK

  • I really didn't like tutoring till I could use my computer for it.
    -Year 7 Student, Newcastle

  • AlphaTutors has the best combination of tutors who care + cutting-edge technology.
    -Parent of GCSE Student

  • My spanish has improved so much since i started with Alpha Tutors
    - Financial Consultant, Canary Warf

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