21st April
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AlphaTutors works with local authorities, social services and councils in order to provide support to students and schools. AlphaTutors has extensive experience in providing local government bodies with tutors to teach "looked-after" children. These children have had very difficult lives, and their weekly sessions with the tutor also represent a rare opportunity for one-to one-attention and positive feedback.

In many public sector environments, it is more practical, flexible and cost effective to bring the teacher to the student than the other way around. Some other examples where public sector organisations use our tutors include:

Youth Offending Teams for excluded children
Hospitals for tutoring in-patients
Prisons for teaching inmates to help them exit with relevant skills
Government departments for staff training

AlphaTutors Academy Feedback
  • Just wanted to say thanks again for your amazing tutor.
    - Year 9 Student, Oxford

  • This tutor was very thorough. Thank you Alpha Tutors!!!
    - Year 7 Student, Essex

  • Your classics tutor was very helpful
    - A level Student, London

  • I could not of got through GCSE Business Studies without you
    - GCSE Student, Swindon

  • it uses all today's technology!!!
    -University Student, Cambridge

  • The tutors are great and lots of fun to work with :D
    -College Student, Bradford, UK

  • I really didn't like tutoring till I could use my computer for it.
    -Year 7 Student, Newcastle

  • AlphaTutors has the best combination of tutors who care + cutting-edge technology.
    -Parent of GCSE Student

  • My spanish has improved so much since i started with Alpha Tutors
    - Financial Consultant, Canary Warf

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